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Post by Greenllamah on Thu Aug 01, 2013 9:03 pm

Im Simon or Greenllamah if you prefer and i'm the Creator of TPYG a project i'm doing with a friend of mine the Co-Creator SPOOX.

So what is TPYG, well first off it stands for The People's Yugioh Game
and its a collaborative project with YOU!!!
So we have a forum called "Post realistic cards here for approval"
this is where you can post cards that you make on www.yugiohcardmaker.net and they might get into the actual game
we will also make sets that come out every month or every second month with all new cards.
and also there wont be any extremely broken decks like dragon rulers or prophecy.
we will balance it as much as we can of course cards from the normal game will be here but no extremely broken tier 0 decks which is what makes this much funner and you actually have to be creative when making decks.

So yeah that is pretty much TPYG. Making Yu-Gi-Oh! fun again and not just waiting to get OTK'ed by all the meta decks and bringing back creativity in Yu-Gi-Oh! and also simply NEW CARDS!!! Very Happy

We are also currently looking for modders, scripters and developers to mod DevPro/YGOPro so that we can actually play with the cards in TPYG so if you are interested send me a message with the title "Application for MSD".

Also you can apply to be a Moderator by Private message me or SPOOX with the title "Mod Application".

We are NOW also looking for artist to make card art to apply message me with the title "Artist Application"

Bye and have fun affraid

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